the flame
© Akua Allrich

And so it will move us

In silence it grows
Under garbage
under soiled dreams
and merciless reality

it rises with vigor
tora gidi uzvitonge

a seed
an untouched seed
an untouched bulb of resilience
a light of truth
of strength
of will

the glimpse of an ancient rhythm
the sound of a brilliant dance
evocative in its movement

with the power to open your eyes and mine
with passion
it cries out to this life
“i will show my face”
“i will give you the depths of me”

it will move
koupe tet bou lekay

and so i call you now
awaken them with your strides, Nana Yaa
move them with your motions, Nana Harriet
chill them with your voice, Osei Tutu
singe them with your hot temper, Nana Nzingha
cut them with your sharp morality, Omowale

for i can taste your summer’s sweet liberation
feel the sour of your spear’s thrust

Okofo) Anokye
Toussaint L’ouveture
Mbuya Nehanda
Nana Yao

i can hear your shriek
and so you will move
and so you will move
you will move us
with your flame

Marcus Garvey
Chaka Zulu
Denmark Vessey
Nat Turner

i can see the sting of your midnight’s tornado
smell the blood of yesterday’s blind

Nana esi
Zili balion
Nana Adade
Zili donton


)b)hyire oh, nananom, )b)hyire oh

Sekuru Kaguvi

Their dead widows will wed tonight
Their dead widows will wed tonight

Zili freda
Mami Wata

You will move us
You will move us with your flame

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2 thoughts on “the Flame … (a poem)

  1. margaux 8 years ago

    your words caused my spirit to turn and dance! we must remember, re-member our past and our present to shine on in our future. i too will show my face… ashe!

  2. Paula Phillips 8 years ago