Check out our video of “Sinnerman” on featuring Akua Allrich and Kris Funn, courtesy of the amazing talents of Gemal Woods of Triangle Park Productions, and featured in his web series “The Angle”! Spread the word about these talented people!

Akua Allrich and Kris Funn on!



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4 thoughts on “ “Sinnerman” Video featuring AKUA & KRIS!

  1. Safidi 6 years ago

    This is great!!! Beautiful vocals, instruments and images!

  2. Oni Afryae 6 years ago

    This was beautiful!!! It is time!!!

  3. David Schulman 5 years ago

    Love it — great version, you two! Nina would be proud …

    Fun to play in your “horn section” at WJLA … can’t wait to hear you at the Kennedy Center!

    1. akua 5 years ago

      Hey David!! Thanks! It was a blast at WJLA! cant wait to see our hello on the station! lol! Much love to you!